Manuales y Cartillas

School Radio Participative tool to prevent trafficking in persons in schools and community

This guide includes pedagogical and educational resources aimed at teachers and professionals in secondary education. The objective is to strengthen, through the School Radio, social, emotional and communicational skills of the students and to contribute, in this manner, to prevent trafficking in persons and other type of violence.

Kuska: Unidad para la acción Guide for the preventive work of trafficking in persons with adolescents in education contexts

This text is a guide for the preventive work related to trafficking in persons. We consider that by developing expression and resilience in adolescents, from learning and relearning of codes and “cultural” languages” mental and social representations they have of their present and future will be known. This guide provides dynamics and tools that will help the teacher to promote individual subjective growth in adolescents and to build relationships and support networks.

Radio microprograms To prevent trafficking in persons from schools.

The radio programs in your hands are the result of the work carried out within the framework of the project Free and Safe childhood promoted and developed in Cusco by Centro Yanapanakusun.
These radio programs present, in a simple manner, topics that are familiar to students, like the ones, in some way, highlight their vulnerability before the trafficking in persons.

ICORural Community intervention as a response to trafficking in persons in rural communities ICORural

This document includes contributions from mothers, fathers, adolescents, teachers, community and local authorities, who contributed to the collective construction of community intervention routes that respond to their socio-economic and political context and that, above all, make visible the role that citizens have in the prevention of trafficking in persons. This effort does not pretend to take away their role to the State, on the contrary, it seeks to strengthen primary prevention as the key moment to develop mechanisms that strengthen the capacities of the adolescents to avoid trafficking in persons.

Risk factors that make adolescents become potential victims of trafficking in persons: Strategies to prevent this crime

This document intends to reveal the factors that make adolescents more vulnerable to trafficking in persons and other types of violence. It also reveals the trafficking problem in provinces, districts, and rural towns where there are many vulnerable people at risk and where, conversely, there is little Government presence since legal and judiciary entities, and ministries are mainly located in the provinces capitals.

Adolecents booklet About trafficking in persons and your involvement to prevent this crime.

This brochure has been drafted so you, your family and community know about the seriousness of trafficking in persons problem.
It also aims at giving you ideas to better think what can we do to avoid it.

Adults booklet Childhood and Adolescence Free and Safe Addressing Human Trafficking as a Community

The brochure seeks to help you better understand the seriousness of the problem of Human Trafficking in our region, the causes or factors that lead to children and teenagers becoming victims of this crime, and to offer some ideas on how to think better about what we can do to protect them.